Facial Revitalisation Facial Revitalisation: Facial Gua Sha

Facial Revitalisation Treatments 

Employs a combination of facial and scalp massage and Gua Sha techniques.

Massage, using oils depending on client preferences, skin type and needs.

Facial Treatments start with Massage using the oils, then Gua Sha techniques incorporating smooth cool jade rollers which helps massage away folds and wrinkles.

Helps reduce signs of ageing and leaves skin, soft, smooth, fresh and glowing.

At a cellular level the skin is assisted in removing toxic wastes, helping maintain revitalised looks and energy.

Envigorates the circulation, brightens the eyes, relaxes and refreshes.

Pamper Sessions

Pamper sessions are great fun, especially while relaxing with friends or family, or preparing for a big day.

For example, Bride and bridesmaids can have a therapy party where each can enjoy 30 minutes calming, relaxing Reflexology or a Facial Cosmetic Treatment to tone and beautify.

(Maximum 4 persons, larger parties can be arranged)




What you can expect from your therapist :

  • Insured and accountable with appropriate qualifications
  • Works within their competence
  • Will refer on to GP or other appropriate health worker if medical conditions are detected which go beyond complementary treatment
  • Will consult with client and make appropriate recommendations to supplement treatment
Common Conditions Under ‘common conditions’ on the main menu, we have listed some areas of concern that present themselves on a fairly regular basis. If you feel you have symptoms not covered – please contact us to discuss your issues and see if we can help!

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