Ear Acupuncture: Ear Acupuncture

Ear Acupuncture : David is certified in 5-needle detox: 

David is certified in 5-needle detox, liver wellness and recovery, whole body balance and is fully insured for this practice.

This treatment uses very fine needles to stimulate reflex points on the ear.

There is no need for clients to undress and treatment may be very helpful in dealing with pain, sciatica, skin problems, stress, anxieties, appetite control, smoking cessation, addiction problems.

Ear Accupuncture detox can help with addiction therapies.

Studies have shown that auricular (ear) acupuncture can be an effective in helping people with addictions, used in conjunction with reflexology and acupressure points on hands and body.

(The client can be taught the location of these points to apply pellet therapy, so that they can continue self-treatment at home in between visits to the therapist.)

Ear acupuncture and associated therapies have been found to be effective in clients.

In ear acupuncture tiny thin needles are inserted into points in the outer ear for around 20 minutes.

After the needles are withdrawn small pellets can be taped to the point so that the client can continue self-treatment by applying gentle pressure to the pellet whenever they feel a craving.

This pressure is thought to stimulate release of endorphins from the brain which continue the process of detoxifying and also soothes any feelings of anxiety, stress and depression associated with withdrawal symptoms.

These pellets which can be left in place for 2-3 days, continually stimulating the accupressure point.

What you can expect from your therapist :

  • Insured and accountable with appropriate qualifications
  • Works within their competence
  • Will refer on to GP or other appropriate health worker if medical conditions are detected which go beyond complementary treatment
  • Will consult with client and make appropriate recommendations to supplement treatment
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